Gnome Summoner


Name: Tokorallomallos Molmalous
Race: Gnome
Gender: Male
Height: 3’4"
Weight: 40lb.
Age: 40 (young adult)
Alignment: NG

Str: 8
Dex: 15
Con: 12
Int: 10
Wis: 8
Cha: 19

+ Defense +
HP: 9 + (d8+1)
AC: 16
Touch: 13
Flat-Footed: 14
CMD: 11
Fort: +1
Ref: +2
Will: +2

+ Offense +
Melee: +1
Ranged: +4
CMB: -1
Eidolon: Lomi

+ Misc +

  • Feats
    • Spell Focus(Conjuration)

  • Trained Skills
    • Handle Animal +10 ( +12 vs Felines)
    • Knowledge(Nature) +8
    • Ride +7

Neither of his parents paid him much attention. They traveled a lot, showing off their magical research. All his needs were met by magical spells, and servants his parents had created. He spent more time with the family cats, then his parents. He had loved those cats. One belonged to his father, and the other his mother. He had tried making friends with the other children in town, but they were all scared of the magic that was constantly around him. They wouldn’t risk being around the child of the towns 2 most powerful Wizards. Not to mention, he couldn’t even speak. So he made friends with animals. Not just his cats, but anything in town. He played hide and seek with cats, tag with dogs, pulled pranks with birds, and explored with rats. In many ways, he had friendships richer then those among the other children.
Then on one of his birthdays, they decided it was time for him to start learning magic. There ‘gift’ to him that year was apprenticeship to a powerful wizard. It was clear from the start that he would be no child prodigy like his parents. He wanted to learn magic, but it came slow to him. First the wizard taught him about familiars, witch he found very interesting. Then upon hearing that some wizards chose to form an arcain bond with an item instead of an animal he was horrified. He couldn’t imagine giving up the chance to have an animal friend, who would always be there for you, for a magic trinket. Then he thought of his parents. They each wore a pendant around their, necks that they were never without. The realization almost made him sick.
The day came to cast his first spell. The wizard had spent the better part of 2 hours explaining how to cast the simple spell that would allow Tok to move a small object. Almost all of it had went over Tok’s head, as he spent the time daydreaming about playing with his friends. The peace negotiations between the squirrels and the dogs was at a crucial point, and it fell to him to make sure they went just right.
Then came time to cast the spell. After several failed attempts. He searched his brain for the formula for the spell, but found only scraps of what he needed. After several more failed attempts, he looked deeper inside himself and found what he could not find in his mind. He looked at the object. He made a gesture similar to the one the wizard had shown him several times. As the wizard moved in to correct him both of them were surprised to see the object lift into the air briefly before it fell back to its prior location. The wizard was the most surprised. He had know that Tok wasn’t paying much attention to his lecture, and had thought he would correct him as he tried casting the spell. Tok smiled triumphantly. The wizard, confused by, and therefor angry at, this demanded an explanation of how he cast the spell. Tok, intimidated, wrote that he just did what the wizard had told him to. The wizard ended the lesson and sent Tok home.

His further lessons only perturbed the wizard more. With Tok completely unable to cast certain spells, and casting others with only a minor introduction to them. Then exasperated, after hours of Tok trying to cast a spell, he apparently couldn’t, he tells Tok, to pick a different spell to cast. Tok flips threw a magic book and hands it to the wizard pointing to summoning spell. The wizard scoffs, and tells Tok, that thats way to advanced for him. Defiant he turns and begins making gestures. As the wizard opens his mouth to tell Tok something, a large dog appears in the room. It barks happily, starting the wizard. Tok walks over to pet the dog, but its dispelled by the wizard. He yells at Tok, telling him that he is far to inexperienced to be trying such advanced spells, and that he wouldn’t have been able to control that wild dog he had just summoned. The wizard ends the lesson and Tok leaves dejectedly.

The lessons continue, but the wizard doesn’t have Tok try to cast any more spells. Tok keeps asking when he will be able to summon creatures, like he did before, but is scalded for his lack of patients. Tok decides to try it by himself. He looks deep within himself and sees what he used before to summon the dog. As he prepares to tap into it he notices something else within himself. Similar to the summoning spell, but different… stronger… permanent. Something that has been there all along, that he has never noticed within himself before. He feels around the power within himself, and realizes that he can shape it.

Images of his friends come to mind. Especially those of his cats. Before long he is imagining a powerful creature. The sleek frame of a large cat, with various patterns. It is striped in some areas, has spots in others, and is one solid color elsewhere. Its colors range from black, to brown, and even dark green in some areas. Its mane sprouts out in long dreadlocks like tufts that drape down its back and shoulders. Then he can see deeper into it. Into its mind. It is strong willed, loyal, and viciously protective. He even sees some of himself in the beast. Then just like that, its standing in front of him. He stairs up at it in awe. They watch each other calmly for a while. Then he gets a little scared. Surely this beast could rip him apart if it wanted. But then from within his head he hears it speak. It assures him that it has no reason to attack him, in a powerful female feline-like voice. It then expresses its happiness to finally meet her summoner. He looses track of time ‘speaking’ with his new friend.

After a while he comes to the realization that this must be his familiar. Despite her protests he insists that its the only logical conclusion. The next day he marches proudly into magic lesson holding out a note to the wizard. The note exclaims boldly that he has acquired a familiar. He scoffs and tells him that he has neither the training nor the resources to bind a familiar. Tok looks defiant and looks at the door. After what appears to be an internal conflict, he stomps his foot. Shortly after the giant cat slowly strides into the room. After she sighs, she informs the wizard that she tried to tell Tok she wasn’t a familiar. He looks at Tok and in a terrified voice asks him what the hell he had summoned. She cuts in and informs the wizard that she is his eidolon. The wizard clearly enraged by this screams for Tok to get out, and take his monstrosity with him. Tok confused by this stands there trying to figure out whats happeing. The wizard yells once more for them to leave picking up his staff. The eidolon leaps over to Tok, with amazing speed, picking him up and telling him that its time to go. The wizard, startled by this casts a bolt at Tok, witch the eidolon jump in the way of. She then throws Tok on her back and disappears out the door.

As they slow down Tok notices that she is bleeding. Tok begins felling guilty, but she comforts him, telling him that he had no idea the wizard would be so violent. Tok hops down and looks for something in him he can use to help, and finds that he does. He places his hands on her and lets the healing magic flow into her. The scorch marks heal, and her fer grows back. After a while of wandering around, pondering his future, he decides to go home. As he enters his house he is surprised to see his parents and his former mentor inside in the front room waiting for him. They stand and, his father asks Tok if it is with him. Putting nasty emphasis on the word it. The wizard commands Tok to show the thing to his parents. Angry and defiant he steps to the side, and looks back to his eidolon beckoning it in. She steps in and after growling at the wizard, she bows respectfully to Toks parents. Tok puts a hand on her back and stares defiantly at the group. His father with a mix of emotions on his face, looks at Tok, and asks him why he would ignore the teachings of the wizard and summon such a beast. The wizard injects himself in saying that the monstrosity was dangerous and must be killed. Tok, tears in his eyes, looks to his parents. His mother looking at the eidolon terrified, and his father sternly looks at Tok and tells him how disappointed he is that he would turn his back on the wizard way and take the easy path. Tok looks down, and several tears fall from his face. In one swift action he is on his eidolon riding away. His mother cries after him. But hes already made up his mind. He is at the town limit in minutes and just keeps riding. His eidonlon asks him if he is sure this is what he wants to do, and he nods. If they can accept him for who he is, then he didn’t want to be there with them.


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