Name: Selis Achorund
Class Level: Alchemist – 2
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10
Weight: 150 lbs
Age: 16
Alignmnent: CN

STR: 9
DEX: 14
CON: 13
INT: 18
WIS: 12
CHA: 12

HP: 20
AC: 15
Touch: 12
Flat-footed: 13
CMD: 12
Fort: +4
Ref: +5
Will: +1

Melee: 0
Ranged: +3
CMB: 0


Throw Anything
Brew Potion
Point Blank Shot

Class/Race Features:
Infusion Discovery
Poison Resist +2
Poison Use
Heart of the Fields

1: Cure Light Wounds, Shield, Bomber’s Eye, Keen Senses, Crafter’s Fortune, Enlarge Person, True Strike


Selis Achorund was born in one of the largest cities on the planet. His parents, though not wealthy, were well off, and Selis’ every need was catered to. Still, he was always left wanting more. Not from his parents, but from life. His father was a shopkeeper and his mother stayed home to take care of him. Selis’ wasn’t a big boy, and he wasn’t exactly the toughest kid on the playground. He was constantly bullied. One day, it was so bad that a huge gash was opened up on his forehead. The blood was blinding him; he couldn’t find his way home. It was by chance that Selis ran into an Alchemist.

“Hold still, my boy.” With a rag, this alchemist cleaned up his wound, and then within seconds of tinkering with various ingredients, produced a small vial with a blue liquid inside. He drank it in one gulp, and closed his eyes for a moment. Selis’ stared at the man, fascinated, as his hands suddenly glowed with bright light. The Alchemist placed his hands on Selis’ shoulders, and almost instantly, a wave of soothing flowed through him. The pain was gone almost immediately, and all the blood that was flowing was gone now. The Alchemist, a middle-aged man, smiled warmly and tussled his hair as he stood up. “See, there now, all better.” He then bit his lip, as if concerned with something. He turned, and walked away very quickly.

“Wait!” Selis called out. “Mister! What’s your name?” But the alchemist didn’t seem to hear him. He was gone. As Selis ran home, flashes of what the alchemist did seemed to play through his head over and over and over again. The mixing of the elements, the blue liquid, and the effects that came after he ingested it. The man’s look drew him in, also. Tall, mysterious, that long trenchcoat, the hourglass necklace he wore, the belt full of vials of various liquids, and even the weapons this man wore. Though he was mostly blinded, Selis watched and studied the man. It took him no time at all to realize that this was the passion that he was looking for. When he got home, he didn’t tell his mother what happened; simply that he wanted a alchemist’s kit. It took them months for Selis to convince his parents. Finally, when he recieved his beginner’s kit, going outside was a thing of the past. Oh yes, he still attended school, where science became a very important class. When he wasn’t at school, he was in the basement, which he had converted into his “lab”. At first, his parents thought it was cute, a phase that would blow over. It didn’t. For four years, Selis dominated the basement, and didn’t allow his parents in except for in extreme cases. When he turned 14, he put in an application for the Alchemist’s academy. 14 was the minimum age requirement, but the college preferred you were at least 18. The college decided that if Selis could show his potential to them, he would be allowed into the academy.

Four alchemical equations were on the chalkboard, two on the left, two on the right. The four were equivalent, but Selis had to figure out not only how, but in what order. It was possible that one equation was equal to the sum of the other three. As Selis walked into the room, he looked at the board members, then at the board. He turned back to the board members. “Really?” He stared at them incredulously. One of the older men rose, gathering his papers as he looked at the rest of the board members. “See, I told you it was a waste of time.” The other board members took his cue, and began to gather their papers as well. Selis shook his head, picked up a piece of chalk, and worked through the equations in seconds. The equation was meant to take ten minutes. Selis did it in fifteen seconds. He tossed the chalk towards the old man. He stared down the board defiantly. An aura of arrogance seemed to emit from this young man. The board members looked at each other, all nodding to one another, except for the old man. He glared at Selis. Selis glared right back. 4 to 1 vote from the board – Selis was accepted into the Alchemist’s Academy at age 14.

The academy made school seem like kindergarden. Still, Selis’ own research and his ability to pick things up quickly made the academy managable. The standard to get through the academy was six years. At least a year was required of combat training. Selis worked quickly through all of his classes except this one. In fact, it took him a year to do what most students needed in four. Selis was in the advanced classes, but only basic combat training. Selis learned to use a dagger, and quickly enrolled himself in the marksman class, or crossbow training. Selis found that crossbows came easy to him, much in the way alchemy did. Selis was liked by all of his teachers, but that old man on the board still gave him grief. Three times the man tried to get Selis dismissed; three times the board overruled him. Still, it seemed like the man’s purpose in life was to make Selis’ a living hell. Warren was the man’s name.

It took Selis another year to finish his classes. It took Selis only two years of study to become a full-fledged alchemist. As such, the academy awarded him with the hourglass necklace; the insignia of the alchemists. Before he left the academy, Selis picked himself up a crimson trenchcoat. For the winter, he told himself. He went out to the bar to celebrate…


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