The Oracle

The Oracle
The Adventure Begins

One at a time, the party entered an unknown bar in the unnamed city. Selis, a young Alchemist fresh off of his training; Red, the middle aged Cavalier of the Order of the Shield; and Tok, the mute gnome Summoner, along with his eidolon. Upon seeing the magical beast, which resembled a large cat such as a lion or a tiger, the bartender informed Tok that it was not allowed inside. In this town, they didn’t much care for magic or magical things.

It was a slow night for the already small tavern; a few lost souls had settled in for a night of drinking in peace. But there was one girl, in the corner, drinking a cup of tea and keeping to herself. She was beautiful, in every sense of the word. Although covered by a white cloak, her shapely figure still showed through. She had long, light hair; almost white. It seemed to shine, even in the dimly lit corner of the dark tavern. Her skin was soft, and pale, and smooth. Her eyes were the deepest of blues. They had an aura about them, as if they glowed, and upon looking at them closely, they looked as though they had seen more than most people ever would. Even though she was mostly still, sipping at her tea occasionally, she seemed to have more grace than a girl her age could, as she was still just becoming a woman.

One by one, the party noticed the girl in the corner. Selis was the first to approach her; finding her attractive being his only motive. He found that she barely spoke, and the words she did say were of a language unknown to him, or the patrons of the bar for that matter. Red approached her next, concerned at how frightened she appeared. He too had no luck in understanding the girl. When he looked into her knowing eyes, an involuntary shudder ran down his spine. Finally, Tok gave it a try. Writing her a message on his notepad, he walked over and showed it to her. She finally mumbled, “I just want to be left alone”. The party returned to their drinks.

Suddenly, a small gang of goblins crashed through the window, heading straight for the girl in the corner. Red rushed to her aid along with Tok, while Selis watched from the bar in indifference. The bartender, too, pulled out a crossbow. With the help of a blessing from the girl, Red and Tok were able to dispatch the goblins without much trouble. The girl rushed outside, muttering more strange words. The party followed her out, to find she had collapsed. Her eyes were glowing; she was in a trance. Red and Tok took her to the inn across the street. They payed for a room, and brought her to it. Red fell asleep in a chair nearby, and Tok and a drunk Selis retired to their respective rooms.

The next morning, Red awoke to find the girl still in her trance. He leaned in close to check if she was OK. She snapped up and whispered, “They’re coming!” Meanwhile, Selis awoke from his drunken stupor on the floor of his room, and Tok woke up as well. As Red tried to calm down the girl, she quickly rushed out of the inn. Red went after her, and Tok and Selis followed suit, confused. From out of an alley came a couple of Hobgoblins. “You’re coming with us,” they shouted to the girl. “Not on my watch,” replied Red, who drew his weapon as he prepared to do right by the Order of the Shield. Tok joined in the fight, and even Selis fought alongside the others. The hobgoblins were no match for the well rested party.

Unfortunately, there was little time to celebrate. Off in the distance, coming down the main road, was a veritable army of goblins and Hobgoblins, riding on fearsome wolves. Red whistled for his trusty horse, and brought the girl up onto it with him. Tok quickly followed suit, and mounted his eidolon. They began galloping away from the army. Having little choice, Selis untethered a horse from outside of the inn, and awkwardly rode away on it; he had never ridden a horse before. As some of the hobgoblins on the faster wolves caught up, the party dispatched of them. A bomb or two from the alchemist, a stab of the cavaliers trident, and the feline eidolon’s fierce bite took the wolves out of the chase, allowing the party to escape to a nearby thicket, leading into the forest.

That night, as the party made camp and sat around a fire, Tok approached the girl with a sign. ‘Who are you?’ it read. The girl spoke, so softly that the party was forced to listen intently, lest they hear nothing at all.
“Do you know what it’s like to see things….things no mortal was ever meant to see? To be chased, hunted, by evil men with evil intentions. People who want to use you for their own gain, no matter the cost. I have been running for such a long time, but I can’t escape it. My name is Kayta, and I am a seer.”

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